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  • Kywanna Dyton

Moving Forward

Do you ever feel like you’re going in circles or like you’ve taken one step forward to then take two steps backward? It seems as if you are expending so much energy to make no forward progress. Well, you are not alone, I can honestly say I’ve been a visitor in the space a few times before. I felt as though I was aimlessly wandering and not getting anywhere, as if the road has been stretched out before me with no end in sight.

What is it that keep us from moving forward? How do we remain stagnant, even despite putting forth energy? Is it something within us, an innate force to factor, that stops us from taking the next step? Upon considerable reflection, I am always faced with three possible reasons: fear, complacency, or a combination of the two - motivation, or the lack thereof.

Fear - I firmly believe that most, if not all, people want to achieve greatness and explore opportunities. We want to excel. We want to be successful. We want to reach our potential. But fear has a way of introducing all the elements of self-doubt and negative what-ifs make us settle for the present. The present is familiar, comfortable, and known. There are no surprises and there is a comforting feeling of stability. We can feel the floor, but dare not jump for the ceiling. We settle, never reach for more, and forfeit finding out how much better it could be. We essentially internalize the false evidence that tells us we are incapable, that others will judge us, or that we are unworthy of success. We compare reality to someone else’s highlight reel, which further reinforces our fears and doubts - resulting in the stagnation.

Complacency - Similarly complacency, appropriately deemed the enemy of progress, also keeps us paralyzed. So often we reach certain levels in life and accept the current state as “good enough”. When our reality is good enough to meet most of our needs (and even some of our wants), there isn’t much incentive to do more. But what if greatness, happiness, and success could be promised beyond “good enough”? Would you then strive to reach your highest potential? Would you actively try to be better than average? Would you set higher goals?

Lack of Motivation - Other times, we don’t move forward because we’ve lost our spunk or inner drive. We’ve tried and tried to the point of exhaustion. We just don’t have any more left to give and we accept that where we are is acceptable. We lose the motivation to seek options and we give up. In this space, I strongly recommend you to seek your support to give you a boost in confidence and gentle nudge to keep persisting. I encourage you to make a choice to press on with determination.

There comes a time when we have to evaluate why we have not reached our potential. We have to determine what is holding us back. Why are you allowing yourself to remain in a space that is no longer elevating you to achieve more? Fear, complacency, or lack of motivation? Regardless of the reason, you deserve to achieve greatness. You deserve to make forward progress. Be fearless, be persistent, be uncomfortable, and obtain what you deserve.

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