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Kywanna Dyton

What's Stopping You?

I have walked in the shadow for too long, not realizing my own potential, my own purpose, and my own destiny. Indeed, being a woman who wears many hats - mother, wife, and medical professional- it has been easy (dare I say, even comfortable) to put myself last. There was always someone or something that seemed to be a bigger priority. Every day was shaped by the same routine that ultimately maintained complacency.  Though being complacent brought me comfort, I realized that I could not rely on any other person or thing to define my potential. Only I could determine how high my ceiling would go and that unless I became active in my own dreams, they would forever remain dreams. 

So, I MADE UP MY MIND (MUMM). I decided that I would fulfill and accomplish every goal and dream. I decided never to allow the comfort of complacency to dictate my next move (or lack thereof). I decided that my dreams were important and worth pursuing. I decided that others, too, deserved to learn their importance. For me, MUMM is the intersection between pushing my ceiling higher and encouraging others to do the same. 

We are so much more than our insecurities, fears, and inadequacies.

We are fighters, survivors, thrivers, and over-comers - if we choose to be. 

Don’t let anything stop you from walking in your victory. On those days when you need a little push or when you get a little too comfortable, Make Up Your Mind. 

Make up your mind...
To get healthy, return to school, get out of debt, start your business, get clean/ sober, end toxic relationships, stop smoking, go to college, etc. The list is endless...
Become an active participant in your dreams.

MUMM is a brand designed to remind and empower everyone to OWN their dreams, take the next step, and dare to be uncomfortable because dreams start at the end of your comfort zone.

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